Strong-motion seismograph network(K-NET)Blank

K-net is a network of strong-motion seismographs installed at approximately 1000 locations nationwide. K-net is capable of recording strong and destructive seismic motions.

Kiban Kyoshin network(KiK-net)Blank

KiK-net is composed of pair of strong-motion seismographs installed at Hi-net observation sites on and under the ground. Seismic data is open to the public.

Japan Seismic Hazard Information StationBlank

Various maps of the National Seismic Hazard Maps for Japan and the downloading of numerical data is available.

500m Mesh Engineering Geomorphologic Classification MapBlank

Database of site amplification factors based on the geomorphological land classifications per 500m mesh of Japan land.

Hosted by Strong-Motion Earthquake Observation CounsilBlank

Annual report and news of earthquakes, for seismic intensities over 5 are available.

General Catalog of Data Collected on the Matsushiro Earthquake SwarmBlank

Materials list at the Matsushiro earthquake center is open to the public.

High-Sensitivity seismograph network(Hi-net)Blank

Hi-net is an observation network composed of high-sensitivity seismographs deployed at approximately 800 locations nationwide. The sensor is installed at the base of the borehole deeper than 100m. Hi-net is capable of detecting seismic motions that are too weak to be felt by people.

Broadband seismograph network(F-net)Blank

F-net is an observation network composed of high-sensitivity seismographs deployed at approximately 70 locations nationwide. f-net is capable of accurately detecting slow ground motions originating from remote seismic sources.

International Seismic NetworkBlank

The seismograph network system over the Asian-Pacific area.

250m Mesh Engineering Geomorphologic Classification Map in Niigata area

Geomorphologic database per 250m mesh and 24 types in Niigata and the neighboring areas.

Earthquake Information in the Kanto-Tokai district, JapanBlank

Data of hypocenters and focal mechanisms from July 1979 to July 2003 are available, which were provided by the former research project "Research Project for the Crustal Activity in The Kanto-Tokai District".

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