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Visiters from Mexico: Ms. Laura Gurza Jaider and Mr. Robert Quaas Weppen

Ms. Laura Gurza Jaider, a National Civil Protection Coordinator at the Secretary of Government in Mexico, and Mr. Roberto Quaas Weppen, a General Director at the National Center for Disaster Prevention of Mexico have visited NIED headquater in Tsukuba on the 26th of February. Their visit was a part of JICA training course called "Disaster Management Planning and Education" and its aim was to understand how Japan deals with the Civil Disaster Prevention and Education of Disaster Prevention. At first, Dr. Okada, the President of NIED, introduced the outline of NIED. After that, Dr. Nagasaka, Senior Researcher at Disaster Prevention System Research Center, introduced "Disaster Risk Information platform- Lessons from social experiments in local communities in Japan". They had a lively discussion regarding the restriction for land use in Japan and how to announce the general public about the information on disaster prevention in order to enhance their consciousness toward it. Moreover, When Dr. Sekiguchi, Chief of the Outreach Division introduced the NIED’s annual event in every April, called "Science and Technology week’s NIED Open House", they commented that it is very useful information in terms of education. After the discussion, they went to the first floor of the Research Communication Building, where Dr. Obara, Director of the Earthquake Data Center, introduced "NIED Seismograph Networks". They have also visited the Large-scale Earthquake Simulator and the Large-scale Rainfall Simulator afterward.

Photo 1 Having Dr. Okada’s introduction about NIED(Mr.Robert Quaas Weppen
on the right, and Ms. Laura Gurza Jaider in the middle)

Photo 2 Group photo(Second from the right is Mr. Roberto Quaas Weppen, the third is
Ms. Laura Gurza Jaider, and the Fifth is Dr. Okada)

Photo 3 Introduction of NIED Seismograph Network by Dr. Obara at the
Research Communication Building

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