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International Workshop on Strategy of Volcanic Disaster Mitigation 2009---Big eruption & Crisis Management---

Date: November 4-6, 2009
Venue:National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention, Tsukuba(Nov. 4th)

Inquiry: Tel: +81-29-863-7537 Fax: +81-29-851-5658
Yamanashi Institute of Environmental Sciences, Fujiyoshida(Nov. 6th)
Inquiry: Tel: +81-555-72-6211 Fax: +81-555-72-6204

*Application procedure: please specify your name, affiliation, and the day that you want to attend on the e-mail or fax and send it to the corresponding address above.

Nov. 4th(1st day)

10:00 Opening Remarks(Y. Okada, NIED president)
10:10 Briefing(E.Fujita, NIED)

Session 1: Experiences of big eruptions and crisis management

[Mt. St. Helens,1980]

10:20 R.I.Tilling(USGS)

Scientific and Emergency management response to the 1980 eruptions of Mount. St. Helens, Washington: Successful but imperfect

11:05 Prof. Dan Miller(USGS)

Volcano-crisis management: Lessons from eruptions of Mount.St.Helens in 1980 and experiences of the succeeding 30 years

(11:50-13:00 lunch time)

[Mt. Pinatubo, 1991]

13:00 Chris Newhall(EOS, Singapore)

Lessons from the massive volcanic and sediment crisis at Pinatubo, 1991-present

[Japanese volcanoes]

13:45 Hiromu Okada(CeMI/Univ. Hokkaido)

On 2000 Usu volcano

14:15 Shigeo Aramaki(YIES/Univ. of Tokyo)

On 1986 Izu-Oshima volcano

14:45 Kazuya Ohta(Kyushu Univ.)

On 1991 Unzen volcano

(15:15-15:30 coffee break)

Session 2: Crisis management system of Japan

15:50 Makoto Saito(JMA)

On the volcanic eruption alert level of JMA. Big eruptions are levels 4 and 5

16:10 Hiromi Ohtsuka(Cabinet Office, Japan)

On volcanic crisis management of the government, Japan

16:30 Shigeo Aramaki

Summary of the 1st days' discussion and introduction to the 2nd day's topics

17:00 Closing Remarks by M.Ukawa, NIED

Nov. 6th(2nd day)

9:30 Opening Remark

Session 3: Volcanic risk & crisis management system of U.S.: How do we make a decision?

9:45 John W. Ewert(CVO, USGS)

Volcano crises and big eruptions: How volcano crises abroad have influenced the formulation of the U.S. National Volcano Early Warning System

10:30 Nathan Wood(CVO, USGS)

Understanding and communicating societal risk from volcanic hazards: integrated information to foster behavior change

(11:45-13:00 lunch time)

Session 4: Simulation of crisis managements for big eruption

13:00-14:30 Discussion(Chair: Aramaki, Nakamura and Fujita)

・List up the "players" for crisis management.
・We choose an example of a big volcano eruption(e.g., 1980 MSH/expected Mt. Fuji, Asama, etc...), we simulate how the "players" should act.
・List up the problems and difficult points based on the simulation and discuss how we organize the "best/better" management.
・Discuss on what we have to prepare in advance. etc..

15:00 Closing Remarks(K. Kitta, YIES)

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