Disaster Resilience Research Division

Toward determining the disatser mechanims as social phenomena and realizing effective disaster response.

In addition to traditional prevention-focused disaster resilience coutermeasures, The Disaster Resilience Research Division identifies disaster response mechanisms in the form of the behaviour and information processing mechanisms of humans facing the brunt of a disaster. Through formulating models for an agile society that can recuperate from disasters, we aim to elucidate the mechanisms of disasters as social phenomena and to implement effective disaster response.

  • Research regarding policies for unified situational awareness.
  • Research regarding enhancing the functionality of disaster response operations.
  • Research regarding management of response resources
  • Research regarding measures for cultivating human resources/improving disaster resilience literacy.
Masahiro OOI
Deputy Manager Chief Researcher
Deputy Manager Research Fellow
Tomohiro KUBO
Associated Research Fellow
Technical Staff

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