Name Position Major research subject
Masayuki Maki Director Meteorology, Radar Meteorology, Radar Hydrology studies of mechanisms and prediction of severe storms
Studies of radar measurements of natural disasters
Tomonori Matsuura Deputy Director Physical Oceanography and Disaster Climatology
Research on the relationship between water-related disasters and climate change
Nonlinear phenomena in geophysical fluid dynamics
Kazuro Nakane Principal Senior Researcher Flood disaster investigation, Hydrology (study of the Real-time flood risk mapping using MP radar/1.Heavy rainfall flash flood run-off in urban and rural areas, 2.Estimation of flood disasters in urban areas, 3. Real-time monitoring system for roads in urban areas, 4. Investigation of heavy rainfall flood disasters, 5. Modeling of the evapotranspiration process on ground surfaces, etc.)
Shinichi Iwasaki Project Sub-Director Physical Oceanography、Coastal Hazard Prevention
Study of local vulnerabilities from coastal hazards due to rising sea levels
Masaki Tominaga Principal Senior Researcher Rain infiltration as the cause of ground hazards,
Measurement of soil-water content and velocity, PC notebook measurement and control system
Environmental and wide range measurement
Satoshi Iizuka Senior Researcher Physical Oceanography, Climatology
Study of air-sea interaction
Study of East Asian water-cycle changes
Koyoru Iwanami Project Sub-Director Radar Meteorology, Cloud Physics
Research on cloud/precipitation parameter retrieval, hydrometeor classification, and precipitation processes using X-band polarimetric radar and dual-mm-wavelength cloud radar
Kayahara Takahiro Senior Researcher Meteorology, Climatology,
Study of typhoons as related to long term change
Shinya Shimokawa Senior Researcher Earth and Planetary Science
Physical Oceanography
Study of general circulation oceanic thermodynamics
Study of typhoon thermodynamics (in preparation)
Study of nonlinear phenomena related to natural disasters
Shinichi Suzuki
Ryohei Misumi Senior Researcher Meteorology, Natural Disaster science
Development of cloud models
Study of heavy rainfall processes
Realtime monitoring of shallow landslides
Shinobu Yazaki Senior Researcher Physics, Numerical Simulation
Study of electric changes in soil accompanying landslides
Development of numerical models of slope failure
Atsushi Kato Researcher Hydrological nowcasting based on multi-parameter radar and flooding data
Koji DairakuBlank Researcher Hydrometeorology
Hydrological cycle under climate variability and change using a regional climate model
Development of a regional climate model for projection of droughts and floods
Takeshi Maesaka Researcher Mesoscale Meteorology, Radar Meteorology, Mesoscale and Cloud Resolving Numerical Simulations
Doppler radar study of surveillance and prediction of severe wind
Shingo Shimizu Technical Staff Meteorology, Radar Date Assimilation, Study of convective storm maintenance mechanisms
Yoshinori Sasaki Technical Staff Geomorphology
Risk evaluation of old landslides
Wataru Sasaki Technical Staff Wave climate trends and variability in the western North Pacific
Future projection of wave climate in the western North Pacific.
ENumerical simulation estimates of the impact of storm surge on the Japanese coast
Reiko Matsuura Technical Staff Make various kinds of software applications to utilize input data
Create ways of making wide-spread use of the above software packages

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