Name Position Major research subject
Motoo Ukawa Director
Principal Senior Researcher
Volcano Physics, Seismology
Modeling of volcanic activity for the purpose of volcanic eruption prediction on the basis of earthquakes and crustal deformation observed at volcanoes
Eisuke Fujita Deputy Director
Senior Researcher
Volcano Physics
Research on volcanic earthquakes, volcanic tremor and crustal deformation
Simulations of lava flow, volcanic thermal fluid, dyke intrusion and magma movement
Research on earthquake-volcano interactions
Toshikazu Tanada Chief of Volcano Monitoring Laboratory
Seismology, Exploration Geophysics
Operation of volcano monitoring network
Research on volcanic earthquakes
Research on geothermal field based on exploration geophysics
Tetsuya Jitsufuchi Senior Researcher Remote Sensing
Development of airborne remote sensing techniques for monitoring volcanoes
Hideki Ueda Senior Researcher Volcano Physics, Seismology
Operation of volcano monitoring network
Research on underground magma movement and volcanic eruptions of Miyakejima Volcano
Development of automatic detection method of anomalous change related with volcanic activities
Taku Ozawa Senior Researcher Geodesy, Geophysics
Research on detection of crustal deformation using SAR interferometry
Research on volcano and earthquake based on geodetic techniques
Tomofumi Kozono Research Fellow Volcano Physics
Research on diversity of eruption styles and dynamics of dome-forming eruptions
Numerical and analytical studies for magma flow in volcanic conduits (conduit flow dynamics)
Yuhki Kohno Research Fellow Volcano Physics
Research on magma supply system based on geodetic and seismic data
Masashi Nagai Technical Staff Volcano Geology
Clarification of volcanic history for long-term eruption prediction
Norio Yoshida Senior Expert Isotope Geochemistry, Volcano Geochemistry
Study on origin and behaviour of deep fluids related to volcanic activity.

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