Name Position Major research subject
Shoji SEKIGUCHI Director of Earthquake and Volcano Research Unit
Principal Senior Researcher
Seisimic structure of the earth interior
Toshikazu TANADA Deputy Director of Earthquake and Volcano Research Unit
Principal Senior Researcher
Seismology, Exploration Geophysics
Operation of volcano monitoring network
Research on volcanic earthquakes
Research on geothermal field based on exploration geophysics
Shin AOI Director of Earthquake and Volcano Data Center
Head of Broadband Seismograph Network Laboratory
Principal Senior Researcher
Ground motion simulation
Strong-motion prediction
Source process
Eiichi FUKUYAMA Principal Senior Researcher Modeling of dynamic rupture process of earthquakes
Evaluation of stress field near the fault
Sadaki HORI Principal Senior Researcher Research on fine structure of a subducting slab
Research on earthquake mechanisms related to seismogenetic stresses
Youichi ASANO Senior Researcher Inhomogeneous structures in the crust and the uppermost mantle
Hideki UEDA Head of Volcano Monitoring Laboratory
Senior Researcher
Volcano Physics, Seismology
Operation of volcano monitoring network
Research on underground magma movement and volcanic eruptions of Miyakejima Volcano
Development of automatic detection method of anomalous change related with volcanic activities
Tomotake UENO Senior Researcher Subsurface structure around the areas of seismic or slow event activities
Kenji UEHIRA Head of Ocean Bottom Seismic and Tsunami Observation Network Laboratory
Senior Researcher
Seismology :
Development of Ocean Bottom Seismic and Tsunami Network
Seismotectonics in and around plate boundary zones
Development of observation systems
Taku OZAWA Senior Researcher Geodesy, Geophysics
Research on detection of crustal deformation using SAR interferometry
Research on volcano and earthquake based on geodetic techniques
Kentaro OMURA Senior Researcher Stress, Structure and Material of Fault Zone
Thermal Structure and its effect on Earthquake
Takeshi KIMURA Senior Researcher Source processes of various crustal activities
Hisanori KIMURA Senior Researcher Crustal structure and crustal activity in and around Kanto district
Quick analysis of source parameters
Takashi KUNUGI Head of Strong Motion Seismograph Network Laboratory
Senior Researcher
Tatsuhiko SAITO Senior Researcher Earthquake and tsunami: Generation and propagation
Katsuhiko SHIOMI Head of High Sensitivity Seismograph Network Laboratory
Senior Researcher
Underground structure beneath the Japan Islands
Tetsuya JITSUFUCHI Senior Researcher Remote Sensing
Development of airborne remote sensing techniques for monitoring volcanoes
Wataru SUZUKI Senior Researcher Strong motion seismology: Rupture process of large earthquakes
Tetsuya TAKEDA Senior Researcher Mobile observation seismology
Precise hypocenter determination methodology
(Long stay in New Zealand now)
Sachiko TANAKA Senior Researcher Triggering of earthquakes and non-volcanic tremor
Eisuke Fujita Senior Researcher Volcano Physics
Research on volcanic earthquakes, volcanic tremor and crustal deformation
Simulations of lava flow, volcanic thermal fluid, dyke intrusion and magma movement
Research on earthquake-volcano interactions
Nelson PULIDO Senior Researcher Source process of earthquakes
Strong motion simulation
Source process studies and seismic microzonation in the Asian-Pacific region
Takanori MATSUZAWA Senior Researcher Waveform analysis and numerical simulation of seismic source process
Makoto MATSUBARA Senior Researcher Solid earth geophysics:
Crust and mantle structures beneath the Japan island arc
Monitoring of crustal activity and repeating earthquakes
Takumi MATSUMOTO Senior Researcher Thermal structure within the crust of Japanese Islands
Masashi MOCHIZUKI Senior Researcher
Futoshi YAMASHITA Senior Researcher Study on stress state around an active fault
Earth resistivity measurement for stress change monitoring
Yosuke MIYAGI Researcher
Takahiro MIWA Researcher Dynamics of volcanic eruption
Petrologic monitoring on active volcano
Naotaka YAMAMOTO Researcher Tsunami Forecast
Yumi URATA Research Fellow Dynamic rupture processes of earthquakes
Toshihiko KANAZAWA Head of Japan Trench Seismic and Tsunami Observation Network Project Office
Research Fellow
Ryohei KAWAGUCHI Research Fellow
Saeko KITA Research Fellow Seismotectonics in subduction zone
Tomohiro KUBO Research Fellow
Hisahiko KUBO Research Fellow Earthquake source process, Strong motion
Kaoru SAWAZAKI Research Fellow Earthquake seismology
Shiqing Xu Research Fellow
Takashi SHINBO Research Fellow
Yadab Prasad Dhakal Research Fellow
Keita CHIBA Research Fellow
Shin-ichi NOGUCHI Research Fellow Fractal properties of earthquakes
Seismotectonics in plate boundary zones
Hiromi FUJIMOTO Research Fellow
Tomoko Elizabeth YANO Research Fellow Crustal structure
Earthquake rupture process
Active fault evaluation
Keisuke YOSHIDA Research Fellow Crustal stress and seismotectonics
Tomoe KAZAKAMI Technical Staff
Masashi NAGAI Technical Staff Volcano Geology
Clarification of volcanic history for long-term eruption prediction
Ichiro MATSUO Technical Staff
Shigeo ARAMAKI Visiting Researcher
Mizuho ISHIDA Visiting Researcher
Fumihiko IMAMURA Visiting Researcher
Yoshihiro ITO Visiting Researcher
Motoo UKAWA Visiting Researcher
Kentaro EMOTO Visiting Researcher
Kazushige OBARA Visiting Researcher
Hironori KAWAKATA Visiting Researcher
Hiroyuki KUMAGAI Visiting Researcher
Tetsuo KOBAYASHI Visiting Researcher
Takehiro KOYAGUCHI Visiting Researcher
Bun'ichiro SHIBAZAKI Visiting Researcher
Haruko SEKIGUCHI Visiting Researcher
Shigeru TAKIZAWA Visiting Researcher
Minoru TAKEO Visiting Researcher
Atsushi TORAMARU Visiting Researcher
Kenji NOGAMI Visiting Researcher
Chihiro HASHIMOTO Visiting Researcher
Hitoshi HIROSE Visiting Researcher
Yoshimori HONKURA Visiting Researcher
Kazuo MIZOGUCHI Visiting Researcher

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