Cryospheric Environment Simulator(CES)


Cryospheric Environment Simulator(CES) is a large, state-of-the-art facility available for domestic and international cooperative use. CES has the capability to reproduce the natural cryospheric environment, including simulation of a natural snowfall. This unique facility allows us to conduct many projects on basic and applied disaster mitigation studies concerned with the cryospheric environment.
photo:Cryospheric Environment Simulator
Cryospheric Environment Simulator (CES).



The following researches are done, for example, by controlling air temperature, humidity, snowfall, rainfall and solar radiation in the CES.
measument room
Measurement room.
arrangement of facilities
Arrangement of facilities in a large cold room.


apparatus Specifications
Snowfall Machine(A) Snowfall intensity : 0 - 1mm/h
(water equiv.)
Crystal type : dendrites etc.
(size 0.5 - 5mm)
Area : 3m x 5m
Snowfall Machine(B) Snowfall intensity : 0 - 5mm/h
(water equiv.)
Crystal type : sphere
(diameter 0.025mm)
Area : 3m x 5m
Rainfall Machine Rainfall intensity : 0 - 2mm/h
Area : 3m x 5m
Solar Simulator Solar radiation : 0 - 1000W/m2
Area : 3m x 5m
Experimental Table Size : 3m x 5m
Inclination : 0 - 45°
Wind Tunnel Wind speed : 0 - 10m/s


The CES can be used by domestic or foreign research organizations as a common facility. The CES operation committee coordinates working plans. Details of use can be obtained by contact with the secretariat of the CES operation committee (kosugiĀó

Research using the Cryospheric Environment Simulator (CES)

Research Installations