• Research Departments


Research Departments


Center for Fundamental Research and Development

  • Network Center for Earthquake, Tsunami and Volcano

    We maintain and operate the high-sensitivity seismic observation network, broadband seismic observation network, volcano observation network, and seafloor tsunami and earthquake observation network, while also carrying out research and development.

  • Center for Comprehensive Management of Disaster Information

    We gather, organize and archive information and resources regarding science and technology for disaster risk reduction, while developing technologies for their usage and application.

  • Center for Advanced Research Facility

    To innovate science and technology in the field of disaster risk reduction, we oversee the utilization of the large-scale experimental facilities which can reproduce various natural conditions. We also promote open science conducive to disseminating experimental results.

  • Research Center for Reinforcement of Resilient Function

    Under the Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP), we work with related organizations and government departments for the reinforcement of resilient function for preventing and mitigating disasters, while promoting R&D for social implementation.

  • Innovation Center for Meteorological Disaster Mitigation

    Bringing together personnel, information and technology from industry, academia and government, we promote R&D oriented toward social impementation of research results through the systemization of prediction technologies for meterological disasters, and performance evaluation/standardization of mesurement technologies related to disaster risk reduction.

  • Center for Integrated Volcano Research

    We observe volcanos to detect transition in activity and to predict disasters, and implement intergrated R&D with the aim of providing society with technology that contributes to volcano disaster countermeasures.

  • Research Center for Enhancing Metropolitan Resilience

Basic Research Division

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