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Prediction of Failure mode of Full Scale Bridge Column using high performance mortar at the plastic hinge region

1) Test for analysis: Bridge component tests

2) Test set up: Figure 1

3) Specimen:
A bridge column using High Performance Fiber Reinforced Cement Composites (HPFRCC) at the hinge region, as a new technology for controlling earthquake damage, is a target structure. (see PDF file)

4)Schedule (The deadline is at 9:00am (JST). JST is GMT +9:00)
October 15, 2009 : Distribution of schedule of the contest, specification of structural components
                        and basic material properties
December 21 : Start accepting of Pre-test Analysis, Distribution of acceleration for pre-test
                   analysisand material properties (high performance mortar)
December 31 : Deadline of registration
February 17, 2010 : Submission of pre-test analysis results by participants
February 18 : Shaking-table test on bridge with isolation devices at E-Defense
February 26 : Shaking-table test on bridge without isolation devices at E-Defense
March 10 : Distribution of acceleration for post-test analysis, material properties
April 1 : Start accepting of Post-test Analysis
April 30 : Submission of post-test analysis results by participants
May 30 : Announcement of the winners

5) Registration form (see WORD file)
6) Outline of the contest (see PDF file)

* Comments :
An analysis contest of full scale bridge column using high performance mortar at the plastic hinge region is held as a part of the NIED E-Defense Bridge seismic test research team project. The contest is categorized by the types of test methods, 1: Isolated bridge test analysis, 2: Failure mode predication analysis, 3: Both of 1 and 2. In each category, based on the comparison of the test and the analytical results, the best accuracy will be awarded.