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If you would like to use these movies, please ask for permission according to procedure written below. It is forbidden strictly to use movies for business purposes or some such.

Applying procedure,
Press the buttonApplication form at the bottom of each experiment and read "Conditions for the use of the materials", if you do not have any objection, please fill the form and send it back to us(
NIED, Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center, Research Services Group,
1501-21 Shijimicho Mitsuda Nishikameya, Miki-shi, Hyogo, Zip code 673-0515

Japan-US collaborative research on innovative seismic isolation solution
(August 2011)
Four-story Reinforced Concrete and Post-Tensioned Concrete Buildings,
(December 2010)
Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier - New Generation Ductile Pier -,
(February and March 2010)
Three-story Wooden Houses,
(October 2009)
Multistory Steel Building -Effect of Supplemental Dampers-,
(September 2009)
 Controlled-Rocking Steel Frame -NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research-,
(August 2009)
Seven-story Wooden Building -NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research-,
(July 2009)
Five-story Steel Building with Supplemental Dampers,
(March 2009)
 Functional Maintenance of  Medical Facility,
(December 2008 & January 2009)
 Traditional Wooden Houses, November &
(December 2008)
Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier - 1970síPier with Cut-off -,
(October 2008)
 Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier - Pier Designed Based on the Current Code -,
(August & September 2008)
 Multistory Steel Building,
(March 2008)
 Office Space in High-Rise Buildings,
(January 2008)
Reinforced Concrete Bridge Pier - 1970síPier -,
(December 2007)
Seven-story XLam Wood Panel Construction,
(October 2007)
 Four-story Steel Building,
(September 2007)
 Nonstructural Components in High-rise Buildings,
(March 2007)
Conventional Wooden Houses (2),
(February 2007)
 Traditional Wooden Houses (2),
(February 2007)
Lateral Spreading due to Liquefaction - Case of Caisson Type Quay Walls -,
(December 2006)
Three-story Reinforced Concrete School Buildings,
(September & October 2006)
 Soil-Pile Foundation Interaction - Case of Liquefied Sand -,
(August 2006)
Lateral Spreading due to Liquefaction - Case of Sheet Pile Quay Walls -,
(March 2006)
 Soil-Pile Foundation Interaction - Case of Dry Sand -,
(February 2006)
 Six-story Reinforced Concrete Building,
(January 2006) 
Conventional Wooden Houses,
(November 2005) 
Traditional Wooden Houses,
(November 2005)