Ideologies of NIED

Basic objective: Realization of the society resilient to natural disasters

National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience

It is a common hope of all human to create a safe and peaceful society. Our mission is to
protect people’s lives from threatening disasters and to develop science and technology in order to
realize the society resilient to natural disasters. 

We, all NIED employees, declare that we share all 5 ideologies stated below by recognizing our
mission as well as responsibility to the society and also by contributing to the realization of the
society resilient to natural disasters through research and development for disaster mitigation. 

Ideology 1 : Contribution to society

We not only make every effort for identifying various natural disasters and its causes,
but also propose the solution for the national policy of disaster mitigation
based on science and technology. 

Ideology 2 : Broad cooperation

We keep developing science and technology for disaster mitigation by reaching beyond
each one’s major field and cooperating with different research units in NIED
and various institutions of local to international. 

Ideology 3 : Improvement of transparency

We endeavor to correspond to the citizens by disclosing information positively
and be responsible for own decision-making. 

Ideology 4 : Unremitting practice

We inspect validity and efficiency of work and keep making persistent effort
for improving one’s nature and ability as well as working environment. 

Ideology 5 : Compliance with regulations

We comply with regulations and maintain high ethics in order to create a fair
and wholesome environment which will never allow injustice.