Utilizing the Three-Dimensional Full-Scale Earthquake Testing Facility, life-size structures can be tested under complex three-dimensional motions such as that of the 1995 Hyogo-ken Nanbu earthquake so that their collapsing behaviors can be observed in detail. E-Defense aims to offer an ultimate tool of verifi cation for the various research and development efforts that are currently being carried out. 

Three-Dimensional Full-Scale Earthquake Testing Facility is nicknamed "E-Defense." The symbol E indicates Earth, suggesting the critical need to promote research and development into ways to lessen the effects of earthquakes and to protect lives and property on a global scale. The logo represents a ruptured earth and an earthquake, while the three colors suggest the three-dimensional motion that can be reproduced by E-Defense.

Bird's-Eye View of E-Defense and Main Facilities

  • Main Hydraulic Pump Unit
  • Main Accumulator Unit


  • Shake Table (15m X 20m)
  • Two 400tf Overhead Cranes
  • Operation Building
  • Preparation Building

Specifi cation of Shake Table

Table Size
Shaking Direction
Max. Acceleration
Max. Velocity
Max. Displacement