Meteorological disasters

  • The X-band multi-parameter radar (MP-X)

    About the principle of Multi-Parameter Radar (MP Radar) and observation results of rainfalls. Please see the landslide disaster prediction support system for real-time observation data.

    The X-band multi-parameter radar (MP-X)
  • The Typhoon data base system(NIED-DTD)

    Available to look over the situation of disasters and damages caused by the Typhoon after 1951 in Japan.

    The Typhoon data base system(NIED-DTD)
  • Common database on disaster prevention and mitigation against storm and flood (CODA PREMIASTOF)

    Introducing the situation where damage has occurred, disaster experiences and emergency countermeasures against wind and floods disasters which have taken a toll on human lives in the last 37 years.

  • Participatory Flood Risk Communication Support System(PAFRICS)

    Supporting citizens, NPO and the administration, to learn about flood risks through workshops and seminars, to prepare for flood disasters.

Other disasters